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Big Sky Scholarships

Big Sky Scholarships

Heritage Christian is also grateful to partner with Big Sky Scholarships. For more information please call the school office at 406-587-9311 and ask for Michelle Nuss.  Applications can be obtained after your family is approved for enrollment.  

For information on contributing to this important scholarship program, please see below:
Do you pay taxes to the state of Montana?  Would you rather give some of that money to a scholarship organization which benefits Heritage Christian School?  

In 2015, the Montana legislature created a dollar-for-dollar tax credit program that enables Montana taxpayers to direct a portion of their tax liabilities towards scholarships for K-12 students. The tax credit that a Montana taxpayer (individual or corporation) can claim is $150 per person or $300 per couple.  

In order to participate in this program you need to do THREE things:

1. Give a donation to Big Sky Scholarships - the easiest way to do this is through their website.  You may also write a check and send it to:

     Big Sky Scholarships
     PO Box 827
     Havre, MT  59501

The website does not currently, allow donors to designate the school they’d like to benefit.  Until that time, we encourage you to use the “contact” function on the website to inform Big Sky Scholarships that you’d like your donation to benefit Heritage Christian School.  If you send a check, please write “Heritage Christian School” in the memo. 

2. Register your donation with the MT Department of Revenue (DOR) through their website. By registering, you’ll receive a confirmation code that entitles you to the tax credit.

3. Claim the tax credit when filing your taxes after January 1st. 
It is important that you give your donation prior to the end of the calendar year in order to claim it on your taxes.  Big Sky Scholarships will remind donors to claim the credit after the new year. 

The legislators behind this new program view it as the beginning of meaningful school choice in Montana. For this program to expand, however, Montana taxpayers need to participate.  With the credit being dollar for dollar, it's a simple choice, so please make your donation before the year is out and SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS (family, friends, church communities etc.) so that they can participate as well.