The primary purpose of athletics at Heritage Christian is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ by words, attitudes, and actions both on and off the field or court, while providing opportunities for Christian encouragement and fun through fellowship with other athletes, fans, and faculty.  HCS athletes are encouraged to build their self-worth in Christ and to perform at the highest standards of Christ-like conduct in practice, during games, before and after competition, or wherever they may be.  And, of course, it shall be a goal to win the contest.  This winning attitude encompasses both spiritual and physical victory.

Heritage Christian School currently offers the following athletic activities:

  • Boys’ Basketball (Grades 5-8)
  • Boys’ Basketball (Grades 9-12)
  • Boys’ Soccer (Grades 7-12)
  • Girls’ Basketball (Grades 5-8)
  • Girls’ Basketball (Grades 9-12)
  • Girls’ Volleyball (Grades 5-8)
  • Girls’ Volleyball (Grades 9-12)
  • Track (Grades 7-8)
  • Track (Grades 9-12)
  • Golf (Grades 7-12)