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Onward and upward for senior lady falcons

by ayda tondre

published may 16th 2023


I had the privilege to interview some of our Heritage Christian Senior girls. Ashlyn Graham is going to attend Corban University in Oregon for track and kinesiology. She is looking forward to finding a community in Oregon and finding new friends. Her advice to high schoolers is to have friends outside of the school. Hayley Sayre is going to MSU for nursing but she is not sure what type of nursing yet. Her piece of advice to Falcon students is “Procrastination is the key to success” and “get involved”. She is looking forward to studying abroad in Europe, Central Asia or somewhere tropical. Launna Giovannini is going to study law at MSU. She is looking forward to a change in scenery. Her advice is to “Walk with purpose”. And last but not least is Madsion Roberts who is going to GCU, in Phoenix, Arizona, to study accounting. She is hoping to someday work to help stop human trafficking. She is looking forward to making new friends and rooming with her friend Mackenzie Galyen who is also another Heritage Falcon Senior. I am very blessed by all the senior girls and I will be sad to see them go this year, but I am so glad they are getting the chance to spread their wings and see where life takes them. I wish them all the best luck! 

Beyond being a falcon with the senior guys

by ryan galyen

published may 18th 2023


Christian Fagan
Christian played 4 years of soccer for the falcons and did lots of skiing over the winter. He went on to also do Basketball and Golf in his senior year. He plans to attend Gallatin College and get his associates in aviation to become a commercial pilot. 

Eric Gillis
Eric played 4 years of both Varsity Basketball and Soccer, skiing during the winters, and golf for his senior year. He plans to attend MSU to get a degree in mechanical engineering technology. 

Zechariah Nelson
Zech did 3 years of Robotics as well as helping with the tech team for chapel and other events. He plans to also attend MSU for a degree in law.

Zebediah Nelson
Zeb did Robotics and tech team and basketball his senior year. He plans to attend MSU  

Timothy Martin 
Timothy played varsity soccer as well as basketball his senior year and plans to pursue a career in construction.

Bridger Heys 
Bridger was a big part of the Robotics and tech team during his time at Heritage and played some soccer. He plans to attend the University of Arizona to study astronomy and physics.

Gunnar Olson 
Gunner played 4 years of Varsity Basketball as well as Golf and Soccer his senior year. He plans to attend Virginia Tech on an Army ROTC scholarship and get a degree in History.


Stillwater music festival

by ava cummins

published may 16th 2023


Our band and choir had the opportunity to go to the Stillwater Music Festival in Kalispell, Montana on April 14th and 15th. On the six hour bus ride, the students talked, slept, did homework, and played games with each other. They also stopped at the mission church in Saint Ignatius to sing some songs in the beautiful church. Once to Kalispell, the choir performed their two songs- “Lux in Tenebris” and “I Can See the River Jordan”. The band and chamber singers also performed that night. Each performance showed the hard work that was put into learning and perfecting the songs. After the performances were finished for the night, our students enjoyed pizza, a movie, and playing games in the gym or outside. It was a great time to strengthen friendships with one another and interact with the other schools that attended the festival. They got a restful night of sleep at the hotel, knowing that the next day would be very long. The next day was dedicated to solos, duets, or small group performances. The students enjoyed supporting our own performers and listening to wonderful performances from the talented musicians from the other schools. Although the afternoon was long due to longer gaps between performances, the students filled the time well by playing games outside, resting in our designated room, or doing slightly questionable activities like wrestling on the hill (we’re thankful no one got majorly hurt doing that). After all performances finished for the day, the music festival was wrapped up by an awards ceremony. Our choir and chamber singers received superior ratings. Some of our extra performances received special rewards- Aiden Lee for his clarinet solo, Michael Kneeland for his clarinet solo, and Parker Dixon and Isaac Ethridge for their vocal duet. Once eating their Chick-fil-a dinner, the students loaded back up on the bus for the six hour bus ride back to Bozeman. They were less energetic on the ride back. Although people socialized for the first few hours, the bus was unusually quiet by the end, since many students fell asleep or were on the verge of sleep. Everyone had a valid reason to be- being up for almost 18 hours each day really drains your energy.  It was still a very entertaining few hours. . . some people can make even a long bus ride fun when they start getting tired. We are thankful for our bus driver, our adjudicators, and our chaperones for helping make this trip possible, but we are especially thankful for Mrs. Wielenga. She put in countless hours of work to make this trip possible, between planning, teaching, conducting, and watching over a ton of students during the trip. If it weren’t for her, there is no way these students would have been able to enjoy this trip as much as they did, so thank you, Mrs. Wielenga, for all you did to make this possible. Above all, we are thankful to God that He gave us safety traveling there and back, keeping us safe throughout the two days in Kalispell, and giving each student the amazing talents and abilities He has given them. This trip is one that every student will remember, because we made a lot of unforgettable memories. We can’t wait for the music festival next year!

George Mueller

by Gabriela Cox

published may 5th, 2023


May 4th is the National Day of Prayer. Prayer is a gift from God, and prayer requires faith. There once lived a man who had strong faith in the Lord and who prayed fervently, this man was George Mueller. Mueller was a missionary in Bristol, England, in Bristol he founded schools and orphanages. George Mueller grew up in Germany, as a young kid he did not follow the Lord until later in his life. George Mueller wanted the things of the world, like gambling and partying. Until God rescued him. Mueller attended an off-campus Bible study just so he could make fun of the people that attended it, but what man uses for evil God uses for good. Mueller started to enjoy the Bible study and see the difference between people who loved God and those that didn’t. After only a short time, Muller received salvation. There were many signs that showed Mueller’s faith in God. For example, Mueller didn’t know how he was going to pay for his college, but he prayed. About an hour later a man walked in, offering him a tuition paying job. Mueller was rejected by his friends and family but he stayed faithful to the Lord. After Mueller was out of college, he became a pastor of a small church in England. God put the idea of having an orphanage on Mellers heart and he prayed, not long after God provided a building and all the other necessities. Taking care of an orphanage was a lot of work but God provided in may different ways. George Mueller was a patient man who trusted God and who prayed fervently. 


( “George Mueller, Orphanages Built By Prayer”

HCS Updates


New Changes at Hcs


By Jack Cummins

Published November 15th 2022


The school underwent some pleasant changes over the summer. Construction of new playground equipment began in August; many volunteers pulled together and completed building all but the climbing net before the start of the new school year.

The school track is also new this year. The goal of completing it before the state tournament was reached, and many people were able to see this great new addition to HCS. Located around the soccer field, it will be ready to use for this year's track season.

The final large, new addition this year, that might not be as well known, is the new heating system that was installed over the summer. Even though this might not be known by all, we will all appreciate this new feature throughout the winter season.

Thank you, on behalf of the HCS family, to all the volunteers who helped with constructing all of these great additions!

That's a wrap

by Jack Cummins

published may 16th 2023


The 2022-2023 Heritage Christian school year was packed full of events and memories. The year kicked off with a high school trip to the bowling alley on the first week of school. Soon after, Heritage had the opportunity to host the MCAA Soccer/Volleyball tournament, which included volleyball making its first state tournament appearance in 7 years, as well as the soccer team winning 3rd place. Variety night and the Christmas concert followed soon after, and they were full of wonderful performances and great memories. Spirit week took place in early February, and the school got a little bit of everything during this event, from inflatable dinosaur costumes, to identical outfits. The high school basketball teams participated in the MCAA basketball tournament in Great Falls in February; both teams played great, and the varsity boys tied their highest placement in school history with a 3rd place finish! Closing out the year was dominated by music and fall sports. The music festival in Kalispell was a huge success, with the choir winning a superior rating. The music program also just had their final performance of the year, the spring concert, which was a great way to end a successful music campaign this year. Golf and track are also finishing up now, both of which have had great seasons! The 2022-2023 school year offered many exciting events that students and staff and parents alike all seemed to enjoy. Next school year should be full of many great events as well!

HCS 40th anniversary

by evelyn mckay

published may 5th, 2023


Forty Years ago Gallatin County was blessed with the beginning of a Christian based school. Heritage started in a basement using only tarps for walls to separate classrooms, later they moved to a small building that the Christian Center gave them. With not much to work with they still had an administrator, he was inexperienced but he had a good heart that was willing to work with what he had. The purpose for starting the school, which is still very similar to our goal today, was, “to provide a Christian alternative to the public school system where we could provide an education free from humanism, relativism, and secularism and where we could work with parents to raise their children to be strong spiritually and prepared to impact the world for Christ wherever God would take them” Bill Senecal, a board member, said. 
They had a few teachers teaching kids in many different age groups at once, due to the lack of faculty and students. But even though they were small, they worked extra hard to maintain the school, keep it going, and hopefully get it to start to grow. As the school started to grow sadly one of the three board members, Jerry Neimenen passed away, but all of the funds from his death went to the “new” building and was dedicated in his memory, which is now the elementary wing. 
The school started small, with a few students, a dirt road, and a small building. Later Bill’s wife Sandy started a track team and was also the librarian. The school grew, and in just forty years we went from a small, borrowed building to now, a secondary, an elementary, a large, amazing faculty and over two hundred students. Our school has also survived not one, but two fires and a flood. The blessing we have to be in this school is immense and the fact it's still up and running is a huge testimony to Gallatin County of what a body of Christ can do. We thank Bill and all the board members for what they did for not only our families but for Gallatin County!

School- Wide Events


The christmas bazaar

by sonja johnson

published november 29th, 2022


The Christmas Bazaar is a fun event hosted by our school to fundraise for us and the booster club. Our school rents out spots where people all over the area can come and sell homemade goods and crafts. There were some ambrosial delicacies such as donuts, coffee, and more. The Christmas Bazaar also included homemade jewelry, quaint little wood carvings, and even heatable stuffed animals. We are very thankful for the Christmas Bazaar this year and everyone who participated!

Variety Night 

by layla hartley and Kira Renne

published december 1st 2022


What a success the Variety Night was, a whopping $12,000 was made from the auction, way to GO FALCONS!!!! The night was filled with wonderful performances from students, the choir and band. The gym was packed with families and friends enjoying the lovely night!! All of the performances were Amazing! 

There were performances from the choir, band, chamber singers, and various students. Some of the special acts included, a barber shop quartet called the “LED'S” starring, Aiden Lee, Isaac Ethridge, Parker Dixon, and Jackson Sayre. Kennedy Gamillo performed a gorgeous dance to “Still Rolling Stones” by Lauren Daigle. Isaac Ethridge performed a dance from “Napoleon Dynamite” , it was definitely a hit! All the performances were wonderful and all of the performers did fabulous! 

Last Day before christmas break

by ayda tondre

published january 5th 2023


Teachers and students were all looking forward to a long, well deserved break. But not before we decked the halls! Students dressed in their favorite Christmas pjs and ugly sweaters. The school had four alumni who came and shared some wonderful advice for the students. Then, the individual classes went and had a party! There were gift exchanges, amazing food and the best Christmas movies! Then students left at 12 for an awesome break!


a speech for the year

by aaden rietveld

published may 16th 2023


Speech Meet is a yearly event at Heritage that tests how well students can memorize scripture, poems, and more a certain amount of time. As this happens every year, many students try to find ways to escape, they fake sick, or they are actually sick, who knows. Some try to get the final day so they can say their speech and have extra time to memorize it. Some try to get out of saying it, so they go last on their day, or even don’t go on their day. After everyone in each class says their speeches, the top performers say their speech to the whole school. Altogether the speech meet is an amazing opportunity for students to improve their public speaking and their memorization, (and hopefully get their grades up).

Advice Column by "Farmer - Juan"


by caleb crum 

published december 15th, 2022


Is water wet?

No water itself is not wet.

What came first the orange or the color

No because then the fruit was named after the color.

Are onion rings vegetable donuts?


How do I do the kawahi laugh?

Find me and I will show you. 



By Caleb Crum

published decemeber 8th 2022


“What's the Deal with farmer Chong?”


I believe they are referring to Father Chong (not farmer) who is also known as Aiden Lee.

“How do i become attractive?”

1. Here are some optional, although not recommended, tips:
2. Wash your face
3. Plastic surgery 
4. Do your hair like Parker Dixon 
5. 16 different body sprays a day 
6. Dress like Chris Hemsworth
7. Eat onions 
8. Work out like Mr. Christian Fagan

“so i know you are the master of attracting girls, so what's you're advice for getting chicks?”


What not to do:
Burn her flowers and stomp on the ashes
Ware obnoxious cologne 
Make fun of her hair
Chew with your mouth open

What to do:
Hold the door
Respect her and her parents
Don’t be annoying
Listen to her

“How do I do a flip?”


Just full send it. 


By caleb crum

published january 19th 2023


“What happens to you after you drink Red Bull?”


You get wings.

“Will you ask me out?”








Kinder Pajama day / Field Trip / Singing for the Elderly


by Gabriela cox

published November 15th 2022


The Kindergartens have had quite a couple of weeks! Starting off, the students visited Spring Meadows. The kids sang to the people and had conversations with them afterward. The kindergartners brought them fall wreaths that were made in class. Next up the kids had a pajama party, this was their award for good behavior. Pajama days happen when Mrs. Cox puts gems in a jar, if the kids have been good, then they get a gem. So when the jar fills up to a certain point , the kids get to have a party. Last but not least the kids took a Field trip to Rocky Creek Farms to enjoy the Harvest Season. Although there was snow on the ground, the kids had a fantastic day. They got to see sheep and pigs, were able to pick out pumpkins, and enjoyed the tractor ride. 

Sports Column


The Pep Rally


By Kira Renne

Published november 8th 2022


The first pep rally of the 2022-23 school year was a big success. The two teams, high school soccer and volleyball, competed against one another in multiple fun activities to get the crowd excited for the upcoming MCAA tournament. The first game was a ‘pass the mint’ challenge. Each member of the teams were given skewer sticks and were challenged to pass the mint down the line with the skewer in their mouths. The volleyball girls won the first challenge. The second challenge was the classic ‘oreo on your face’ challenge. Each team member had to start with an oreo on their forehead, and had to get it into their mouth without using their hands. The boys won this challenge. The final challenge was the popular crowd surfing on a table challenge. Each team picked one member to stand on a table and would ‘surf’ on their team members. The goal was to move forward the fastest. This was done by each member rolling on the floor. You really had to be there! Awards were then handed out for spirit week! Isaac Ethridge won the character day award. Makaila Crum won the country day award for the western category, Audrey Wielenga won the country day award for the international category, and Camryn Miller won the country day award for the country club category. Ayda Tondre won the falcon spirit day award. The crowd was excited for the tournament, and the teams were hyped up and ready to play!


The shoot off


by aaden rietveld

published november 8th 2022


The tension had never been so high, already the Heritage team successfully made it through the first two halves of the game. The first half was a struggle for the Heritage team, they did not score at all, while Billings scored two goals. But after half-time the game turned around for Heritage, Christian Fagan dribbled through the Billings defense scoring Heritage's first goal. Then before the game ended Parker Dixon dribbled through the Billings defense as well, scoring Heritage's second goal. But we can’t forget Heritage's defense, they did not let Billings score at all during the second half. Since the score was two against two the game went into double overtime. Each overtime lasted ten minutes each but there was no scoring at all during the overtimes. So now the game went into a shoot off, five players were chosen from each team to shoot. Micah Roberts, Christian Fagan, Eric Gillis, Parker Dixon, and Geno Graf were all chosen to be the shooters for Heritage Christian. Micah Roberts stepped up first, he struck the ball but Billings goalie blocked the ball. Billings' first shooter went up to shoot but he missed the goal. Next up was Christian Fagan, he stuck the ball, and the goalie blocked it, but he got a second chance, the goalie stepped out of the box! Christian grasped this second chance and scored! The second Billings shooter went up and scored. Next up for Heritage was Eric Gills, Eric attempted to go through the legs of the ginormous goalie but the goalie deflected the ball. The Third shooter for Billings scored as well. Next up Parker Dixon better known as STRIKER PARKER! Parker easily slides the ball into the goal. The fourth shooter for Billings scored as well. Finally Geno stepped up to take the Penalty Kick, Geno made contact with the ball, and the goalie deflected the ball ending the season for Heritage.

Volleyball at the mcaa tournament


By Ava cummins

published november 9th 2022


From October 20 through October 22, Heritage Christian School hosted the annual MCAA Soccer and Volleyball State Tournament. Volleyball was pleased to make State for the first time in seven years. On the first day, October 20, our volleyball team played Stillwater Christian School. Although they played hard, they lost in three sets. They played very well against the undefeated competitors. With only a limited amount of missed serves, a few blocks, and countless kills and saves, it was one of the team’s better games. The volleyball team didn’t play again until the next day, but had an enjoyable time cheering on the Heritage soccer team and various other volleyball teams. On the second day, October 21, our team played two games- the first game against Helena Christian School in the morning, and the second one against Great Falls Home School in the afternoon. They were thrilled to take the win against Helena Christian School in three sets. Even though the game was early in the morning, the girls were fired up and played their best, earning them the much deserved victory. Their next game, that same afternoon, was against Great Falls School. They fought hard, but lost in the end to the home school. Although it meant the end of their season, the team enjoyed their State experience. The seniors (Ashlyn Graham, Camryn Miller, Madison Roberts, Yibi Oberly, and Launna Giovanini) were thankful to be able to make it to State their last year of playing, and the underclassmen (Evie McKay, Greta Berkram, Ava Cummins, and JoeLyn Neiminen) had an exciting time playing the last few games with the seniors. The coaches, Karri Heupel and Cassidy Miller, were pleased to have the opportunity to work with this team throughout the length of the season and especially in the games at State. Throughout the last day and a half of State, the volleyball team enjoyed some bonding time while watching soccer games and cheering on the other school’s volleyball teams. We are thankful that God has blessed us with a functioning school building and gym to host this uniting event, and we are even more thankful for the players, parents, friends, and volunteers who made it possible.



Interview With Mrs. AlberdA


By Sonja Johnson

Published November 15th 2022


We have been blessed this year with Mrs. Alberda this year, we decided to interview her to get to know her more:

Q: Did you have a former job in teaching before this, if so what was it and for how long and what did you teach?
A:  I taught at a public middle school in Vernal, Utah for eight years. I taught eighth grade English. 

Q: What made you want to teach? 

A:  I’ve always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. I used to make my friends play school with me.

Q:What did you get your degree in?
A: My degree is in English education. I also have a certificate in gifted and talented learning.

Q: What drove you to come to a private christian school?
A: I got married and moved to Bozeman and heard about an opening and applied.

Q: What do you teach?
A: I teach two classes of English, geography, a study skills class, theater, and a yearbook and journalism class. 

Q: What has your experience at Heritage been like?
A:  It’s been great. I taught public school in Utah before this. I am happy to be able to share my faith outwardly. 

Q: What has been your favorite part of the year so far?
A: I think chapel has been my favorite part. I did not experience school chapels at my old school and it is such a blessing.

Q: What have you learned so far this year?
A: I have learned that students at Heritage are some of the best and I am very glad I’m working here. 

We are immensely excited for future years with Mrs. Alberda and can’t wait to get to know her better throughout this year. 

Interview With Olivia Johnson

by sonja johnson

published january 5th 2023


We are celebrating the 40 years that Heritage has been a school. We decided to interview some of our school's alumni.

Q: What did Heritage teach you?
A: Heritage taught me how to grow in my relationship with the Lord, it also prepared me for my future.

Q: What is your favorite memory?
A: Winning state in basketball my senior year

Q: How did you grow in Christ throughout the years?
A: Fellowship with my peers and taking guidance from teachers 

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment?
A: I’m pretty clumsy so falling or tripping over those tarps that they put in the gym

Q: What were some spiritual challenges you faced while in highschool?
A: Forgetting how important prayer is and just making sure to remind myself to pray

Q: What are your plans for the future and how are you pursuing them?
A: I’m going to finish my psychology degree and go to grad school

Q: What would your advice be to students at Heritage today?
A: Cherish all the time you have in high school. It will go by very fast