Landa Heys
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Spanish/Latin Teacher
Phone: 587-9311 Ext. 209

Landa Heys has been a part of the Heritage family since 2008 when her children began attending HCS and she started serving with PTF, Moms in Touch prayer ministry, and helping in the classrooms. Mrs. Heys began tutoring at HCS in 2010 in the area of Spanish, and took over the role of Spanish and Latin teacher in 2012 upon the departure of the previous Spanish teacher. Mrs. Heys has a degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Her interest in teaching began while offering free English classes to the Hispanic community at a neighborhood church in Chandler, Arizona. She has continued her education with regard to both Spanish language and teaching and is currently ACSI certified to teach. Mrs. Heys is in her 7th year teaching.