Joanna Borgogna
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Statistics Teacher
Phone: 406-587-9311 Ext. 201

Mrs. Joanna Borgogna holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Computational Biology. She is a 5th-year doctoral candidate at MSU in Microbiology/Immunology, and her training is in Applied Statistics and Microbial Ecology as it relates to human health. As an applied biostatistician, Jo has had the opportunity to work in a diverse array of research fields including neurobiology, environmental biology, biochemistry, and public health. Additionally, she has co-authored and authored several scientific publications and textbook chapters. 

Teaching at Heritage is Jo's dream hobby job! She is passionate about teaching and hopes that Statistics will help her students cultivate critical thinking skills and discernment towards data interpretation and analyses. Jo welcomes the opportunity to encourage students to live faithfully and authentically in all areas of life, and particularly STEM-related fields. Jo loves her husband, fishing, learning, reading, distance running, programming, attending HCS games, has an uncanny talent for Tetris and hopes one day for her name to be put on the HCS bleachers ;)