Information for Parents

Schedule of Events


August 28, 29 Teacher In-Service                                                                                            January 15 Martin Luther King Day (No School)
August 30 First Day of School (Grades 1-12)                                                                          January 19 End of 2nd Quarter
September 4 Labor Day (No School)                                                                                       February 19 Presidents’ Day (No School)
September 18 First Day of School (Kindergarten)                                                                   March 12-16 Spring Break (No School)
September 19 First Day of School (Pre-K)                                                                              March 29 End of 3rd Quarter
October 25-27 Teacher In-Service (No School)                                                                       March 30 Good Friday (No School)
November 3 End of 1st Quarter                                                                                               April 16-19 Achievement Tests
November 10 Parent-Teacher Conferences                                                                            May 19 Commencement
November 22-26 Thanksgiving Break (No School)                                                                 May 25 End of 4th Quarter
December 23-Jan. 7 Christmas Break (No School)                                                                 Last Day of School


Apart from God, the success of Heritage Christian School is directly related to the involvement of its parents.  Parents are encouraged to make a genuine commitment to the work of godly parenting by supporting the school through words, actions, and prayer; through attendance at school functions; and by faithfulness in their financial obligations.  Parents are also expected to attend weekly church services with their children; uphold the school’s policies; commit to frequent parent/teacher communication; and to volunteer.