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Christ Centered Academics

Christ-Centered Academics

Heritage Christian School is committed to providing its students with a high-quality, well-rounded education from a Christ-centered perspective.  Instruction at Heritage emphasizes the mastery of a core body of knowledge but adds the higher goal of exposing students to the depth and breadth of learning that comes only from recognizing God as the source of all knowledge.

Heritage Christian School maintains the highest standards possible in developing and implementing a quality, God-honoring curriculum that meets state and national standards.  All curriculum materials are selected for their Christian content as well as research-proven effectiveness at producing student achievement.  Emphasis is placed on using materials from Christian publishers that assist students in developing Christian values, though some secular textbooks are used for instruction and/or for comparative analysis.

Core academic subjects include Bible, math, English, science, and history.  Students also receive instruction in Latin, music, art, physical education, foreign language, and more.  Each student is challenged to excel academically and spiritually to the glory of God, with the expectation that all can succeed.  Students have the opportunity to be creative and influential for Christ and to think in an innovative and independent manner in a broad range of subjects.  A love of learning is fostered in each child.

Believing that a quality education is one of the most effective tools for influencing the world for Christ, children are trained to think critically from God’s perspective, now and for the rest of their lives.  Students are taught a biblical worldview to discern the values of the present culture and to navigate it successfully as Christians.  By doing so, Heritage students learn to become advocates for the lost while fighting the doctrines of the enemy.