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Many parents who want a Christian Education for their students are seeking to apply to independent Christian Schools. More and more, parents are finding the benefit of excellent teaching of Christian values, smaller class sizes,  and a sense of community. We understand that often times the greatest obstacle for many families is the cost.

Heritage Christian is committed to helping these families make Christian Education a possibility through the awarding of scholarships.

Heritage Christian is also grateful to partner with ACE (Alliance for Choice in Education) Scholarships. ACE is an organization that seeks to have an impact in the lives of children by providing scholarships to the private school of their choice.  A limited number of ACE scholarships are available to HCS students. 

Families seeking financial aid must file an application through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, which is the Portal used for all scholarships. FACTS Management makes quality education affordable for families by awarding financial aid.

To apply for financial aid, visit online at