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Employment Application

  • Qualifications for Heritage Christian School Staff Candidates

    The following qualifications are requirements for an individual to hold a staff position at Heritage Christian School. Candidates who do not meet the stated qualifications, but believe there may be circumstances surrounding their situation may feel free to continue with the application process.

    All staff at Heritage Christian School shall:

    - Be born-again Christians living in accordance with biblical principles and standards.
    - Manifest by precept and example the highest Christian virtue and personal decorum, serving as a Christian role model both in and out of school to pupils and as an example to parents and fellow faculty members in judgment, respect, and Christian living. This includes but is not limited to refraining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and vulgar and profane language, or homosexual or adulterous activity.
    - Have a clear testimony, i.e. having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and being able to articulate that relationship both verbally and in a written form. He/she should not be a novice or new Christian.
    - Hold a personal evangelical persuasion, i.e., a commitment to the inspiration and authority of God's Word with a vital, growing faith and in agreement with the school's doctrinal statement.
    - Be in active fellowship in an evangelical church. All teachers shall give evidence of good moral character and be good Christian role models.

    All teachers at Heritage Christian School shall:

    - Possess the necessary professional preparation, training, and experience in order to properly discharge their responsibilities.
    - Have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science from a recognized college or university.
    - Have a valid credential or be actively pursuing a valid teaching credential from the State of Montana and from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) for the appropriate grade level. (This requirement may be waived in whole or in part by the Board. It is assumed that the process of certification has merit and is a reasonable step to pursue for those sincere about the teaching profession.)


    - Applicants submit a completed application and required materials.
    - The administrator and an appointed teacher committee shall initially screen the papers of all prospective teachers including contacting former employers and references. The committee will choose a finalist group for an interview with the committee.
    - The administrator, with considered input from the committee, will then make a final recommendation to the Board. The Board may ask the prospective employee to meet with them. In all cases, the Board shall make the final decision as to hiring.
    - The administrator notifies applicants of final hiring decision.

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  • B. Position Desired

  • C. Christian Background